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Hey Yakudza, you did a great job with the article about Ukraine. I was almost losing hope that anyone could help me;-) It's such a shame that two guys who actually have very little/no idea about Greenlandic are kl.wikipedia's most active developers. Maybe you have some Greenlandic frieds, who could check the box with country information? It's certainly NOT 100% correct Greenlandic, I believe :-)

Если ты не понимаешь по-английский, я могу тоже писать по-русский. —User:Dkc

P.S. All foreign names and transliteration of cylliric have to be taken from Danish, not English — mind that, because the Ukrainian president's name shold be then spelled Viktor Jusjtjenko. I will correct that later, I speak Danish so it'll be easier for me. User:Dkc

Большое Вам спасибо за правки. Я могу читать по-английски, но пишу со словарем. Возможно я через некоторое время вернусь на Greenlandic Wikipedia, сейчас сильно занят на украинской. -- 23:03, 3 April 2007 (UTC)