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Hi! I wonder if you could help finding information on the Itterajivit settlement near Ittoqqortoormiit. The last datapoint referring to that settlement is from 2005 (9 inhabitants). It has been delisted at, and I couldn't find it in any befolkning publication at for the last two years. Has it been abandoned? The stub article at en-wiki is the only one which I found myself unable to update due to lack of data. Would you be willing to help? Regards, -- Algkalv 28. Apr 2010, 09:40 (UTC)

Hi Algkalv. Like you i am empty to give any information about that settlement (and other settlements in Greenland) in which i only use other wikis when i start an article about them. When Itterajivit delisted in (my favour source) i presume it has been abandoned and i never heard of Itterajivit in greenlandic news (in papers or tv etc.). Hope someone will add/start an article!? Regards Qaqqalik 28. Apr 2010, 18:20 (UTC)
Thanks for the reply. I included the stub in the 'former settlements' category. Should it ever be repopulated, and documented as such, the article can always be updated. Data for all active settlements are by now in order on en-wiki. While I'm here, can I ask you what the word for 'peninsula' (halvø) is in Kalaallisut? And second question, would 'Uummannap Qeqertaq' be a correct name for 'Uummannaq Island' when one refers to the island itself, not the town? Algkalv 28. Apr 2010, 19:49 (UTC)
Peninsula = qeqertaasaq. Uummannaq Island = Uummannap qeqertaa (meaning an island near Uummannaq). Thx for your interest Qaqqalik 28. Apr 2010, 20:21 (UTC)
Qujanaq! ;) Could I bother you with one more question − if the placename ends with -suit, would the ending (such as Uummannap) be -suip or -suup? Illorsuit --> Illorsuip − ilumut? Algkalv 13. Maaji 2010, 23:22 (UTC)
If placenames end with "-suit" we'll understand it's plural object (typical), then we keep it that way; example.: "Illorsuit qeqertaat" (Illorsuit island). If Illorsuit in singular (Illorsuaq) then we'll say: Illorsuup qeqertaa. Hope i make my self clear :-) --Qaqqalik 14. Maaji 2010, 18:18 (UTC)

Greenlandic language learningAaqqissoruk

Could you tell me any online sources for learning Greenlandic, please. I would love to contribute to this Wikipedia, and I reckon more people should know indigenous American languages... But I don't really have any sources for Greenlandic. Gott wisst 19. Maaji 2010, 08:16 (UTC)

Try this:, there's dictionary greenlandic to english some where in english page language. And perhaps Kaare (admin. here in knows any useful links I don't knowledge!? --Qaqqalik


Hi, I wonder why there are two model "stub", what is the difference between the two?Where R U? 24. Jun 2010, 06:16 (UTC)

Hi, yes there are two different template stub here in klwiki. 'Stub' is standard, and 'stub2' is substub. --Qaqqalik 25. Jun 2010, 16:32 (UTC)
Ok, Aap ;)

Which one do I put in? Where R U? 25. Jun 2010, 22:35 (UTC)

'Stub2' is a beginning article in which only a title, then 'stub' is a short article. I did mentioned that to Jhendin, please check for further info. --Qaqqalik 29. Jun 2010, 16:34 (UTC)
Qujanaq; Where R U? 3. Juli 2010, 18:46 (UTC)

Hello/Bon dia, could you please help us!Aaqqissoruk

Sorry, I apologize for this intrusion and the fact that I don't speak Kalaallisut (nor understand it...). My name is Claudi Balaguer (User Capsot from the Catalan Wikipedia or the Occitan Wikiccionari) and I'm currently working on a campaign to get support from diverse Wikipedians in order for our association "Amical de la Viquipèdia" to obtain a Chapter (some kind of intermediate superstructure between the Wikipedias and the Wikimedia Foundation) which hasn't been accepted up to this moment because Catalan doesn't have a/one state. I'd like to ask you if it would be possible to have the following template translated to Kalaallisut (you can translate where there is the Bashkir version) so I could ask support from other users later on? I wish you a wonderful, warm and pleasant summer. Take care! Thank you very much for your attention! Capsot 7. Aug 2010, 23:46 (UTC)

Hello, I think it's not important to translate it in greenlandic why there're little contributors in greenlandic/kalaallisut. I'øm sure there are a good chance to read this in danish or english will there be not a problem to understand. But someone who come by here is welcome to translate :-) --Qaqqalik 10. Aug 2010, 16:20 (UTC)
Thanks for your attention. I'm sorry there are so little contributors, I hope that some time soon some people will come to help you. If you think that our cause is just you still can sign our "Members and Supporters" list (with your flag on it, it might help your cause!) following this link: give us your support and/or sign following this link. I wish you, your language, your Wikipedia and your country all the best and if you ever need something from me about Catalan, Occitan or else, just let me know, I'll be real glad to help. Take care, Claudi/Capsot 16. Aug 2010, 21:46 (UTC)
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